Plattershare Feedback Campaign

First I would like to thanks and send my appreciation to Plattershare Team as it is my first step of being  recognized as a winner.

  • My cooking journey first start with Plattershare. The welcoming atmosphere and simplicity encouraged me for being a part of it.

  • From a simple recipe to an innovative one, getting appreciation  from admins and members is really encouraging. My day never start without peeking on plattershare website for exciting recipes and food stories.

  • I have learnt a lot about cooking, food presentation and food photography over here. The team members and admins are always hard working and doing  better day by day.

The features I like most on Plattershare:-

1. It is all about good, healthy recipe and innovation, they recognize & incubate wanna be food bloggers .

2. I always enjoyed the daily basis food contest which  is very exciting,it push me to dedicate myself to innovate something new. It is an array of innovative food recipes that came up by this food contest. It is an honor to be judged  by  renowned chefs from food industry, though every time our recipe is  not  a winner.

3. I like their food campaign, in past it is on Licious meat and recently Belly Nirvana- famrtofamilez campaign,which is truly exciting, I am always eager to see new innovative recipes coming up by esteemed Pattershare members.

4. We contribute our work as team, responding on each other work in positive way is highly appreciated.

5. Plattershare is a wonderful  platform by whom my simple home cooking daily recipes got  appreciated.

6. It welcomes home chefs who are not living in India though want to be a part of it.

7. Rules and regulations are not so strict, it appreciates our new ideas and innovation in our own way.

The features I want to see on Plattershare:-

1. Our recipe always get voted and shared if we can see the person identity, region and other traffic statistics it would satisfies our curiosity.

2. If the recipes can be categorized by the origin of the dish other than only showing serving time (breakfast,lunch & dinner), Example- “Indian, Chinese or continental”. Then it is easy to search.


  1. Thank you for the feedback Usashi, I am so happy that your journey of food blogging has started with us and We will keep the feedback suggestions in mind and would implement it soon.


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