Sweet Potato Noodles and Broccoli Stir fry

Sweet Potato Noodles and Broccoli Stir fry is a tasty and easy dish ready in minutes, when you need something fast for your cravings. It is healthy nutritious and low in carbohydrate. With Broccoli other vegetables can be used for this recipe. No hassle to boil noodles at all, all ingredients goes directly in skillet and make an awesome dish.

Preparation time:- 10

Cooking time:-15

Serves - 2


1 cup Broccoli florets

1/2 cup chopped onion

4 cups sweet potato 

1 cup sliced mushrooms

2 tbsp Soy sauce

2 tbsp garlic paste

1 tsp black pepper

Salt for seasoning

Olive oil


In a skillet or wok heat up 2 tbsp olive oil. saute, onion, garlic,broccoli, mushrooms, until vegetables is tender about 6 to 7 minutes.

Add Sweet potato noodles, soy sauce, salt and pepper and stir fry until noodles are cooked, about another 7 minutes. Enjoy!

Tips:- You can choose any vegetables of your choice. I love the crunchy texture of vegetables so cooking time may vary per your taste.

Happy Cooking:)